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  • Medical Assistance & Transport


    Emergency Medical Assistance

    Resources for students who need medical assistance after hours are located on the Student Health Center's Community Resources page. 

    If a student is too sick to make necessary arrangements or needs physical assistance, an officer will respond to the student's location and request an ambulance if warranted.


    Medical Transportation Program

    The Medical Transportation Program - hosted by the Center for Race, Equity, and Identity, Office of Title IX, Student Wellness, and Student Counseling Center - provides free transportation to medical appointments through Uber.

    Request for Medical Transportation form

    Requirements to use this program:  

    Limitations & Out of Scope of Program   

    Inappropriate Use

    Students found to inappropriately utilize this resource for rides that are not for medical reasons will be:

    Campus Safety officers, as well as other staff and faculty members, are not able to transport students to or from any medical facility.

    Campus Safety is unable to provide transportation to a pharmacy for students to have prescriptions filled. A student should request that his/her doctor call in prescriptions to a pharmacy that offers a delivery service or that is near campus. For a list of local pharmacies, please visit the Community Resources page on the Student Health Center website.